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    Last name Hefty...

    What names would you use for a girl with the last name Hefty?!? So stuck on this...

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    I think most names would work with last name Hefty. I'm not really sure this is such a troublesome last name, but maybe more a case of not having found the right name? Which names ahve you considered?

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    Hmm :/ That is tough. As 'hefty' is a word you'd have to avoid word names or names that sound like sentences eg Isabelle Hefty and Ida Hefty.

    Other than that though I think most names work. Louisa Hefty, Madeleine Hefty etc etc

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    I'd agree with renrose, avoid word names and names that would sound like a word. I would also avoid heavy sounding name, though these probably aren't your style, names like Bertha & Hildegarde etc., that already have a stereotype of being hefty
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