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    I like Rosalin Ophelia Lux. I wouldn't use Rin as a nn though. It shares too many sounds with Tristan. Maybe Ria? The R from Rosalin and the IA from Ophelia?
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    I like your naming style! I agree with dindlee to not use Rin as a nn I like Roo better.

    My favorites from your list:
    Rosalin Evangeline Lux
    Rosalin Ophelia Lux- I am kind of favoring this one more.

    I think these combos are wonderful and I wouldn't use to safe combos.
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    Thank you! But Rin stays as nn - its one of our favourite names, but we just don't feel it works as a "full name", hence the nn and i don't know if we pronounce Tristan differently, but I don't think they sound simillar at all.

    Ria wouldn't work either, that's my sisters name =P

    Roo is more a "baby" nickname too for us. Baby Roo is adorable!

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