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    Sansa reminds me of Sensa, the weight lost sprinkles. However, my husband and I thoroughly enjoy Game of Thrones (we've never read the books) and I love the name Daenerys! My first daughter is bright blond and both husband and I had white hair when we were younger, and we think naming another girl Daenerys would be adorable!
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    I'm a huge ASoIaF fan too!

    I don't think that those two names would conflict at all!

    Maybe Joffrey or Cersei would!
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    Daenerys has always sounded pretty to my ears, but I don't think I'm bold enough to use that one, haha. It'd be nice to see it on someone else's daughter though.

    Thanks for the extra opinions! I was surprised to see a reply alert for this topic in my email!
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    Ah I absolutely love the name Leo! And my SO absolutely loves the name Sansa from the series lol but I already want to name my daughter Arya from the show. I think together they are adorable names and although I am a huge fan of the series I didn't pick up the sigil link until you mentioned it just like those above so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I agree with you, if you really feel that you have to give one up it shouldn't be Sansa. It is such a beautiful name and i'm sure you could find a boys name that you still love..anyone who has that much passion for a name should fight for it! Hehe but yeah, Sansa and Leo are gorgeous. Good luck with your future babies! :P

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