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    Game of thrones names - Oh my?!

    You see, as you can probably infer from my username, Sansa is my first choice for a daughter, should I have one. Today, after a year or two of having them in my heart, it suddenly hit me that I have a glaring problem with my favorite girl name and my favorite boy name - Leo. I'm hoping there are fans of the show (or books) around to give their opinion, but I'll try to sum it up for general answers.

    Sansa is a name of a POV character in the Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series that is becoming more well known. As a character, among her greatest antagonists are the members of the Lannister family. In this medieval inspired saga, the main families are represented by a sigil (often an animal). The Lannisters' icon is a lion. Leo, as everyone knows, means lion. Something about having my two favorites oppose each other in this way makes me think that maybe I shouldn't use Sansa and Leo... together.

    Any opinions?

    PS-I think if I gave up one, I'd rather keep Sansa. I feel rather attached to it, and it's hard enough for me to find girl names that I could actually picture myself using.
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