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    Persephone, Senara, or Damaris

    I think these are our top three names for our daughter due in October

    Persephone Victoria
    Senara Victoria
    Damaris Victoria

    Our eldest is Vashti Elizabeth.

    Oddly enough when naming Vashti hubby didn't like Persephone at all but it is his top choice this time.

    Comments? Preference?

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    I prefer Damaris, I really love its name meaning. Seems strong for a girl. And it sounds stunning with Victoria as well as Vashti (cool pick).
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    I also prefer Damaris.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I am third Damaris. Persephone isn't that fresh, I already know two! Victoria is beautiful

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    Persephone Victoria- Love this name, but I'm not sure that I'd put Persephone with Victoria, as they are both 4 syllables. I love that Persephone hits that perfectly unique medium for me. It's not so out there as to raise eyebrows, but it is unique enough that I've never actually met a Persephone. I'd be overjoyed to meet a young Persephone. Also, it has an -i/-e/-ie sound at the end to match Vashti. It's a nice thing to link them together...
    Senara Victoria- I don't like the -a -a endings.
    Damaris Victoria- Sorry, too out there for me. Although I know Damaris is a real name, it always sounds made up for me (probably because I knew a D'Maris).
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