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Thread: Arwen?

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    I know a woman named Arwen, she's very cool and sophisticated. I really like it.

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    I think it's one of those LOTR-names that, pretty as they are, will always be too tied with the books.
    I love it, but I would never use it because there would be an endless amount of "so Lord of the Rings, huh?". If it's because of the LOTR connection, I'd say that there are several other beautiful names to take from (there are so many beautiful Elvish names).
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    My 15-year-old daughter is named Arwen and, believe it or not, we almost never have people mention Lord of the Rings. My daughter loves her name and wears it so beautifully. She gets compliments on her name all the time. We know of two other Arwens in our area. Both are around seven years of age. Speaking from experience, don't let the LOTR association deter you from using such a beautiful name.

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    Very lovely name. Reminds me of Arden, which has no elvish connections at all. Once people get over asking if you're a Tolkein fan, I'm sure they'll forget the LOTR connection altogether and just think of your girl.

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    As a rule, I really love -wen names but I just don't like Arwen. It's just so harsh to my ear. I always wish it were a long A instead of a short. A as in "air" to start it off is so much prettier than "are" rhymes with Darwin. That said, I have known of two Arwens, both now would be around 30.

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