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Thread: Arwen?

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    I could never use it. It's like naming your baby Luke Skywalker. I mean, it's a cool name, but everyone will ALWAYS ask "so, are your parents big Tolkein fans?" It's pretty, to be sure, but you can't split the connotation. There's a singer named Eowyn and it works for her, but I'm sure she always got asked about it. For some people, it's a huge plus to name their kid after something they love, and I get that (my favorite name for a girl is Lucy as in Narnia) but Arwen pretty much ONLY has one connotation in American society so you would always get it. There are LOTS of great -wen names out there that I would suggest instead.

    Here are a few:
    Eirwen (came up today in another thread)
    Tegwen (I know one)
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    I love Arwen! It's on my long list, so I understand your attraction to it. The name does have the LOTR connection, but Arwen is a strong and beautiful character, inside and out. She's a lovely namesake to have if you don't mind the occasional person pointing out the obvious by asking, "Do you like Lord of the Rings, then?"

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    Too LOTR for me, but definitely wearable and lovely. Pretty much all -wen names are great imo.
    There's also Anwen, which is more neutral.

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    I like Arwen.

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    My friend has a baby names Arwen, at first I wasn't a big fan but now I think it's a pretty name!

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