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    Oh and I'm very happy with my decisions to do that, times 2! Happened to be names I would never use as a first name. Very glad I did that cause if I had used my DD 2 name as mn for DD 1 I would be sooo upset! Haha. I say save it and go for meaning. Also I agree with the PP's that your favorite name today might change in a few years. Also the mn is rarely spoken, I look at that spot more for what story can you tell your child about it when he/she gets older. I love word names as mn's too. I've always loved my mn for that. Hope that helps!
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    Since we knew we wanted a large family, dh and I initially didn't use any names in the middle that we might want to use as a first name. But, with our last son we did use one of dh's favorites as a middle name. I'm generally in favor of saving names.

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    We named our first daughter Madelyn Esther, after my favorite grandmother and my husband's favorite grandmother. When we had girl #2, we did kind of wish that we hadn't already used Esther. But on the other hand, Madelyn Esther sounds so lovely! And now that she is older, I can't see our little Genevieve as an Esther.
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    That happened to me with my daughter. When she was born I realized that my top choice didn't really suit her, but it would've flowed beautifully with the first name I ended up picking. However, I still loved it so much I decided to save it in case I have another girl, rather than relegate it to the middle spot.

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    I am thinking about this right now. I think I'm just going to go with the two girl names I love the best at this moment. If a second girl comes along in the future, I've just gotta have faith that I'll come up with something good at that time. Also, tastes and times change, and you might have a great idea a few years from now that would work perfect for a second daughter!

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