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    thatkathryngirl: I hope so. I am really waiting for the shoe to drop, with names. Right now I'm in a definite funk as far they go, which makes me blue.

    taz: That would make it easier, but unfortunately that is not an option in my situation. Grew up with a family name as my FN & NN, didn't like that much. Now by the time I'm grown up, my family is pretty much estranged to me, so... there isn't anyone I'd want to honor, sad as it sounds.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Ahhh, such a tough question! Assuming the names you love go well together in a fn/mn pairing and would also go well as fns for sisters...

    Reasons to use both in one name:
    - That is going to be one fabulous name that you absolutely love.
    - If you only end up with one daughter, no regrets on not getting to use both names.
    - Your tastes may change over time...why not use both of the names you love now? You'll probably come up with something you love just as much for baby number two, even if you can't imagine any other top picks right now.

    Reasons to save one of the names:
    - If you love both names and they go well together, you'll have a fantastic sib set that you love.
    - Middle names are rarely spoken, so you may prefer to save it for a fn rather than use it in the middle spot and know you'll rarely say/hear it.
    - No stressing out over naming a second daughter if you've already chosen a name you love.

    I have a lot of names I love, so I don't really have this problem. : )

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    I used my 2 favourites on my daughter, after having 3 boys. I figured we were done, and this was my one chance to use my top choices, plus they sounded really good together. Then we had another boy, and now #6 is due in August, but we don't know the sex. If it's a girl, part of me wishes I still had one of those names to use, but both are SO my daughter now, I can't really imagine either on somebody else. And it's 4 years since DD was born, so being the namey (they say 'foodie' for the food obsessed/aficionado, right? ) that I am, of course I have several new favourites I'm ready to use if this one is team pink. (There's a much better chance I'll have another boy though, if our track record is any sort of predictor!)
    If only I could make a living naming other people's children...

    Girl names I'm loving right now: Leonor, Jane, Daisy, Arabella, Francesca, Georgia, Violet, Flora, Raphaela, Beatrice, Kira, Winter, Zara, Sophie, Delia, Bronwen
    Boy names I love (after naming 5 of my own): Gideon, Watson, Magnus, August, Miles, Oliver, Callum, Felix, Rafe, Reuben, Bram, Cormac

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    I definitely would save my other favorite for another daughter. I love the names Claudia and Violet but I would never use Claudia Violet or Violet Claudia because I love both too much for the middle spot! I think I like to use middle names that honor someone or something, and if I love them a lot too that's a plus but I don't really see the middle name as a place for one of my favorites.
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    Well usually my two favorite names don't mesh well and there are names I only like as a mn because of meaning. I was faced with this too! But decided, both times, to go with mn with meaning and flow
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