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    Everly, Callie, Elodie, Hadley, Arden, brynn,

    I think that Kree is pretty difficult to find a good match for. Personally I would want to go for something fairly recognizable and soft-sounding to balance it out. Brynn Kree sounds to abrupt & hard to me, while Everly Kree or Elodie Kree work a bit better despite the ee/ee same sound endings. Callie Kree is too matchy. Hadley Kree is nice. Arden Kree is nice. Haven Kree is OK, but I don't think it's my favorite. I think my favorite might be Arden Kree cause it doesn't have the matching ee sound ending, it's recognizable.

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    Which of the first names does dad like then? Other thoughts for a formal names for Callie - Calista and Kalina Kree (KALina KrEE).

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    Yea I agree definately wouldn't use anything abrupt like brynn with it was just kinda giving an idea of sorts of names I liked. He likes haven too and other names he liked were Laikyn, leighton, kamryn, Lainey , but I wasn't crazy about those. There not all bad we just can't agree on many

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