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Thread: Della Rose?

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    Della Rose?

    So, Della Rose is our top pick right now, any thoughts? Yay? Nay? Della is a family name...and yes, our last name is Hefty, so it would be Della Rose Hefty. I appreciate all help!

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    It's a tough last name because it's a word. I might go with a first name with a little more cuteness, to disguise Hefty.

    Ruby Della Hefty. Ruby Hefty is actually pretty endearing.
    Elizabeth Hefty isn't bad. Elizabeth is glamorous enough to distract from your last name.

    I do think Della sounds a lot like "de la" (of the.)

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    Haha...our dog is named Ruby... Not sure if we can have a dog and a baby girl both named Ruby...

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    Yeah...that would be a little awkward to have a dog and a baby girl with the same name, but maybe you could make it work :P How about:

    Mae Adeline Hefty
    Louise Della Hefty
    Eloise Della Hefty
    Aurelia Jade Hefty
    Aurora Jane Hefty
    Amelie Della Hefty
    Felicity Della Hefty
    Rosalie Della Hefty

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