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    name popularity in UK

    Does anyone know how to find out the popularity of names in UK?*

    I'd like to know how many girls were born with each name in the last several years.

    Main names I want to know about: Scarlett, Matilda and Echo ..but I'd love to find out more about popularity of other names too!

    Is there a website? Thanks!

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    There are two documents; one for boys and one for girls. These are for 2011, 2012 stats are available from August.
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    Making off topic: thanks Ottilie! I was unsuccessfully looking for this website yesterday
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    aha! thank you so much ottilie!

    I posted this question, then went off to google a bit more, and found this website too:

    Just in case anyone else wanted to try it

    type in the name you want to find out about, and it shows you how many babies were born with that name in 2011!

    (I did wonder why it only showed stats from 2011!! so when I came back here to see my question answered, it makes sense, as that website must be using the info from the list you recommended! much appreciated ottilie!)

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