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Thread: Unisex Names..?

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    Casanova - All boy (but, really, neither. Talk about baggage...)
    Bay - B/G, prefer for a girl
    Jack - All boy, but it can work as a girl's nickname. I've known both Jacquelines and a Joy Katherine who have gone by Jack.
    Calypso - All girl
    Atlas - All boy
    Auden - B/G, prefer for a boy
    Story - Leans heavily toward the girls, I think.
    Zephyr - All boy
    Halcyon - Girl, but better left as a sleeping pill (Halcion).
    Zayden - Boy
    Phoenix - B/G, feels masculine to me.
    Cole - All boy
    Echo - All girl
    Raven - Girl
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    Echo - this one doesn't bother me. I like it for a girl
    Bay - I wouldn't use this as a first, but it's not terrible. As a middle I could honestly see it for either
    Atlas - this is rather masculine to me.
    Auden - not fond. I'd use Audrey for a girl. It's not horrific.
    Story - this is quite feminine to me. I'd personally use Astoria with Story as a nn
    Zephyr - I know people like the sound of this, but I find it rather ridiculous. Neither masculine or feminine really.
    Halcyon - neither really.
    Zayden - join the Aidan trend! Probably one of the worst of the lot.
    Phoenix - masculine.
    Cole - I really like this for a boy. For a girl it's stupid. Use Colette.
    Raven - meh, I think it's a bit silly as a name, as much as I like the bird. But I find it feminine more than masculine
    Calypso - this is all girl to me. It would be pretty embarrassing for a boy.
    Jack - boy. I would call you stupid if you named a girl this as a full name. Jackie can be a nn for Jacqueline, so if you like Jack for a girl I'd use Jacqueline.
    Casanova - I wouldn't use this for a first name at all, not for a boy or a girl. Though the original character who bore the surname was male. Naming a girl this would be akin to naming a boy Delilah.
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    Casanova - I wouldn't use it at all, but it's a boy's name.
    Bay - Boy
    Jack - BOY
    Calypso - Girl
    Atlas - BOY
    Auden - Boy
    Story - Eh... girl.
    Zephyr - Boy
    Halcyon - Boy
    Zayden - Boy
    Phoenix - Boy
    Cole - Boy
    Echo - Either, I guess
    Raven - Girl
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    Casanova - all boy
    Bay - I lean more girl on this one, but I don't really see it as an actual name anyway... but I suppose it could be either.
    Jack - all boy
    Calypso - all girl
    Atlas - all boy
    Auden - all boy
    Story - either, but only as a middle name. This is not a first name to me.
    Zephyr - I guess I would say boy, but also not a word I would consider a name.
    Halcyon - Ditto above.
    Zayden - Ditto above. This just takes the Aiden trend a step too far for me...
    Phoenix - either.
    Cole - I lean boy all the way on this one for my self, but I could see it on a girl, especailly as a nn for Nicole, Colette, etc.
    Echo - either.
    Raven - girl.
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    Casanova - Obviously masculine, but not a good choice.
    Bay - I don't even think of this as a name. I guess it could be unisex?
    Jack - This is all boy, unless you have a little Jacqueline who is a tomboy.
    Calypso - Girl
    Atlas - Boy
    Auden - Boy
    Story - Girl
    Zephyr - Boy
    Halcyon - Boy
    Zayden - Boy
    Phoenix - Boy
    Cole - Boy, a girl version would be Colette or Coleen.
    Echo - Unisex, but really neither.
    Raven - Girl
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