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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Ah dear, this could definitely offend someone, but I'll try and show why I am suggesting each name:

    Jen (SOOO common, could belong to anyone from the last 3 generations or so)
    Paige (A blank page for your character to start over. Very short)
    Christine (a beautiful name, but again, rather common)
    Love the suggestion of Paige...very clever! However, with the last name Turner, it would sound like a "page turner" in a suspenseful novel. Does the last name have to be Turner?

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    Oh goodness. Go with Emily. No name is so overused as that. Other ones that make me thankful for my parents' creativity:
    Kristen, Samantha, Christine, Abigail, Mariah, Dana, Anna, Taylor, Jennifer, Rebecca
    Middles: Anne, Grace, Nicole, Jean, Lynn, Margaret, Paige, Rose, Katherine
    Lasts: Stewart, Harris, Johnson, Morris, Foster, Riley, George, Daniels

    Hope this helps!


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    Frances, Rebecca, jennifer, Sarah

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    I really really really like Paige Turner. Because it's punny. Because it's a book.

    You want something uncommonish but not unheard of. Anyone would take a stab at it and say 'Katie? Sarah? Ashley?' and so on until the common name snaps into place... so you want something people can't pull off the top of their heads.

    Softer sounds also feel more forgettable. And as a Cecilia, I can attest to it's forgettability. People are always double checking with me, because it's a longish name, that sounds like a bunch of other names (Cordelia, Sierra, Vera, Leah, Ceil... anything with the same vowel sounds), that can be shortened to basically ANYTHING (always a plus), and people just don't think about it. People think of S names or other C names and it really throws them off.

    names that sound like other names. Kayla, Kylie, Kenzie, Kyrie, Kyla... think along those lines.


    Since your character is choosing a name, try and think along her lines--what would she actually choose as her alternate identity? Make it meaningful to her.

    And then, of course, any middle name will do. Lee/Leigh is a good one to keep in mind.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    No, the ln does not have to be Turner. Walker is the other option. Sarah and Paige are the best so far, but Christine is good too. Thanks for all the ideas!
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