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Thread: Sabine

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    What do you think of the name Sabine? Can you think of any other girl names that would make great sister names for Sabine?

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    Do you say Suh-bean? That is how I've heard it. I like it more than Suh-bean-uh. I think it's very sweet yet sophisticated.

    Sabine & Thais
    Sabine & Tamsin
    Sabine & Teal
    Sabine & Samara
    Sabine & Bernadette
    Sabine & Calliope
    Sabine & Delta
    Sabine & Fauna
    Sabine & Fern
    Sabine & Gioia
    Sabine & Ingrid
    Sabine & Ida
    Sabine & Elena
    Sabine & Jessamy
    Sabine & June
    Sabine & Laurel
    Sabine & Lucille
    Sabine & Marietta
    Sabine & Nancy
    Sabine & Lavinia
    Sabine & Petra
    Sabine & Rosemary
    Sabine & Ramona
    Sabine & Shoshanna
    Sabine & Vivian
    Sabine & Zelda

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    I like it a lot. Reminds me of the book Griffin and Sabine. Sybil is another good one, or Sabrina.

    Sabine and Demeter
    Sabine and Cassia
    Sabine and Enid
    Sabine and Sylvia
    Sabine and Lenore
    Sabine and Esther

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    I like Sabine a lot! Not a name I could ever use (doesn't go with our sibset at all), but a different me would. LOL!
    I adore the suggestion of Sabine & Tamsin (I love that name, too). I also think Sabine & Lucille works too. Surprising, because Tamsin and Lucille feel completely different in style to me. Somehow it still works.

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    How do you pronounce Sabine?

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