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    I actually don't think Kate is as respectable as Katherine on a resume. Katherine (whatever spelling) just seems more polished, put together, and educated. I do know several Kate who are actually Kathleen or Caitlin though. In my family we tend to be name snobs. We were discussing girls named Sam. My cousins could not get through their thick skulls that anyone would just name a girl Sam not Samantha.

    Anyway I like Margaret. I do think Margo works as a standalone. I would prefer Margo (in this case) as a nickname. I think goes better with Harold nn Hal. I like that Margaret gives her more options. I know several Margarets myself and they like their name. I think is a part of your classic theme. Margo seems more now and Margaret is more timeless.

    It may be annoying to you to remember what your friend Katharine nn Katie nn Kate did, but from her prospective she probably liked being able to change. I think Katie the originally choice of her parents seems sort of babyish she wanted to get out from under that, so she went by Kate which seems more grown up and is still similar. Then as she advanced maybe in her career she realized Katharine was more in-line with what she was going for. (Also maybe she felt Kate was still to close to Katie)

    I know several members of my family who have multiple names enjoy the options. They have one for work and one for family and friends, etc.
    Good Luck!

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    Ok sorry one more thing.

    The main reason many people are telling you to name her Margo is you can't control your child.
    um, you can't control child. She could decide at twenty that her should Shelby (or something equally and change it to that.
    I am sorry wanting to control your "child" (who eventually will be an adult and even a senior citizen) is not a good reason to pick a name (See my earlier commentary on your friend Katie).

    Also maybe she decide to be Maggie after she walks into class and there is already a Margo.
    Also worth mentioning my cousins got nicknames from their parents which they still go by (in their twenties) and rarely use their formal names (only for situations where they have to). For example one is Meg real name Margaret.

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    I think Margo (and its other spellings) are recognized variants, not just nicknames, of Margaret. Sort of like Juliette is the French variant of Juliet--not a NN, just an international different form. (BTW, Margo and Hal are adorable together!) I think it comes down to what you really want, but I have absolutely no qualms about using Margo on its own, and I have qualms about using many short forms on their own! I think the only two actual nns I don't mind using on their own are Jack and Tess (it's a very short list!).

    That being said, I think a lot of that comes from my experience with my own name. Who doesn't want options? I'm Ashley, and I'm fine being Ashley, it suits me, I like the associations with it (okay, not the full-of-herself, stuck-up cheerleader association a lot of people have, but I love that it means "ash tree meadow" and I love the connection to George Mueller's orphanage, Ashley Downs...), I think it's lovely. That being said, I hate that I'm always Ashley. And while I love that occasionally (probably about a third of the time) I get Ash now, it doesn't really feel like a nn, it just feels like they couldn't be bothered to say one more syllable. (At the same time, though, I love that people feel that they know me well enough to try and use a nn for me. Nicknames are special, I think. I find them intriguing and affectionate and full of love, probably because I never had one, haha.) Apparently, I'm quite confused about my own nn. But most of the names on my list are longer with the opportunity for a nn, because I want my children to feel like they can have a nn if they want, and hopefully, they'll feel like they can go by whatever they want, they don't have to stick to the nn that I liked. I think just Margo is great, though, unless you actually prefer Margaret (or even Marguerite, nn Margo), I would definitely use it. I don't think there's really anything to worry about, Margo works great on its own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    But honestly, I think going by a new nickname is probably one of the safest and healthiest forms of rebellion. It allows you to spread your wings, make choices/control your life, try out new 'personalities' without covering yourself in tattoo or piercings. Just my two cents.
    I agree with you @kala_way. However, it is very challenging to remember that a person you have known for so long as 'Katie' is now 'Kate.' It is simply a knee-jerk reaction when you see someone again after a long absence to hug their neck and say, "HEY Katie!!" To then be met with, "I go by Kate now" is just so, IDK, awkward?. I guess it just sets a tone and it can be hard to recover from that during a brief encounter. Not judging, just saying. Of course she has every right to change her to name to whatever she wants it to be, I just don't want my children doing that, if I can help it. There was a time in my life when I was affectionately nicknamed Smiley. And I LOVED it, but it was never my new name, it was a nn reserved for a close few to use, and like a lot of nns, I outgrew it and moved on. This is what I would prefer for my children, a nn that isn't related to their actual name, so they can try it on and then discard later if they want to. That would be nicer to me than them trying to change their name name. Hope that makes sense.

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    Thanks Berries! It sounds like most of you agree that Margo can stand alone and doesn't have to be a nn. Now, what about big brother Harold, nn Hal? I feel great about Harold and Margaret together, as well as Hal and Margo...but what about Harold and Margo together??? Is that bothering anyone else other than my mother?? I know that combination wouldn't be used together often, but, for those times that demand formality, what do you think? (My mother clearly thinks Harold and Margo do not sound good together!) I just need to get a bigger picture for myself. Thanks!

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