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    To NN, or not?? Please help!

    Hi Again,
    Hubby and I are still working on our top girl name. I thought we had decided this issue, but one of us (me!) is having doubts again. Is Margo a nick name or a stand-alone name?? I'm just not sure. (For example, Megan is a diminutive of Margaret, but I think of Megan as a stand-alone name.) We are still discussing if we should use Margaret, nn Margo, or just plain Margo. Complicating things is our son's name; Harold, nn Hal. We always intended to call him 'Hal' but we thought 'Harold' would look much more professional on a job resume one day. I tend to think Margo would sound just fine on top of a resume. I also think Margo sounds like a name that would work for both a young child and a grown woman.

    I would really love to hear from people who are living this situation. Do you like your nn/full name, or do you wish you had been given your nn as your full name?

    Another thing I'm worried about, Margaret has a huge list of possible nns, and I only want her called Margo, so this is a negative to me. I will never forget a girl I grew up with. Her name was Katherine, but her parents called her Katie. I knew her for 10 years as Katie, and then, all of a sudden, she decides to go by Kate. It was soooo awful. I would bump into her and she would 'correct' me on her name. Then, after a few years as a Kate, she decided to go by her full name, Katherine. It got to where I never said her name when I would bump into her randomly, because I was afraid of insulting her by accidentally calling her the wrong name. I'm terrified of my children going through something like that. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you go with Bertrice or Josephine, I prefer Margo. Margo is fresher, gives more zip to stately Josephine and contrast to Bertrice. Margaret Bertrice is a bit heavy on the Rs and Ts. Margo Bertrice is personal and clean and beautiful.

    If you go with Margaret (I have grown to love Margaret, but it's not the freshest name on the block) I think your best mn option is Viola.
    Margaret Viola is lovely. Viola gives Margaret some sparkle.

    Yes Margo can be a standalone name. I go almost exclusively by my nickname, Emma, but I enjoy having a longer formal name in my back pocket. If this is important to you, then go with Margaret. Margo and Harold is a pretty sweet sibset though. You could always give her the nickname of M. "em." That's what I may do if I have an M-named daughter. Feels kind of Fritz Lang to me :-b

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    My name is Kylene, nn Kylie. I have exclusively used Kylie and wish my parents would have named me that. I don't find Kylie any less professional than Kylene. I wish it hasn't skyrocketed up the charts in my 20s but I didn't grow up with many Kylie's at least.

    With our first 2 girls we sought names without nicknames. We caved with the third to use my husbands all time favorite name Elizabeth whom we call Eliza. After an impasse between two other names. After our aversions to nicknames with the first two it was a little odd to get used to the logistics of a nickname and now and nearly 2 few people realize she is actually an Elizabeth. All that to say I think Margo can stand alone just fine and that's the direction I would go.

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    Hi there! I'm a Katherine like your offend-able friend and I go by Kate. I have always wished my parents just named me Kate. Kate is perfectly acceptable on a resume and I recently started my professional career and decided to go with Kate on the resume so that the first conversation I had with people during my interview wasn't, "Hi Katherine." "Oh, please call me Kate." I have no identity in the name Katherine. I didn't like correcting people. I would just go with Margo! It's a standalone for sure. I love the name Margaret so I'm a bit sad to tell you not to use it, but Margo is perfectly fine if that's what you plan to call her.
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    I think that Margo manages to be youthful & fresh AND professional & dignified. I agree that you could enforce Margo for Margaret for only so long. She could decide to become a Maggie or go by her full. You might have to correct people repeatedly even during her childhood. Naming her Margo solves that problem.

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