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    Carsten v. Tobias

    Hi all -

    We've currently got two front runners for baby#3's name if we have a boy. They are:

    Carsten James
    Tobias James

    I'm not a huge fan of Toby ( a nickname I'm sure he'll get even if we don't use it), and my wife thinks people will confuse Carsten with Carson too much.

    We also want the name to go with the names of our two girls, Phoebe and Ingrid.



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    Are you German? Those names are both fairly common in Germany.

    They're both great names, but I personally prefer Carsten. Yes, it will be confused with Carson sometimes, but it's a great name. It will be really hard to limit Toby if you use Tobias, plus there could be pronunciation issues with that too (To-bee-us vs To-bye-us).
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    I definitely think you'll get people hearing Carson every time you say your son's name if you him Carsten. I like the name Tobias and I like the way it looks with your daughters' names. Also, like Phoebe and Ingrid, Tobias is uncommon yet familiar. Carsten, on the other hand, is practically unheard of (at least where I live). I think Toby is a cute nickname, even if you don't care for it

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    Phoebe, Ingrid and Tobias are a great sibset! I love Tobias, and I think it goes especially well with your daughters names. Carsten simply isn't my style.

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    Love Tobias and also Tobiah.
    Carston is not very familiar and I agree people will here Carson or perhaps Carter.
    Based on the names of your girls can I suggest a name? Hugo- great German feel, awesome meaning, masculine.
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