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    Exclamation Last/Middle Names

    Also If you have suggestions for names, please suggest any middle/last names that may sound good with the names? I am thinking of using Isaac and Everett for my male characters. If anyone has any last names that sound good with those they would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you want the guys being Isaac and Everett I'd say:

    Isaac Fletcher Durant
    Everett Prosper Kellogg
    Stepmother to
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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    Everett Miles Blackwood
    Isaac Bernard Allenby

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    I don't think I have anything to add to this conversation, because a whole lot of really good names have been suggested. I like the suggestion of Nicola for the girl, and Urswick is a good last name. I really have no clue what to say......I'll get back to you on that one!
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