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    Post In Need of Preppy Names!

    I'm looking for names of a few different characters. All of them are around the ages of 16-17 and come from very wealthy families. All are super preppy. Think taking a summer on Martha's Vineyard.

    1. Girl-main character smart, sarcastic, and quick witted. Tall Brunette and hazel eyes. Even though she is more spunky on the inside she fits the preppy girl act perefectly.
    2. Boy- this is her boyfriend. He is hardworking and very serious most of the time but sweet and VERY protective of her. tall , dark brown hair good looking.

    3. Another girl- the total friememy (by that I mean they act nice around each other but she is always out to get the main character) she is also kind of like a vixen in her demeanor. shorter brunette and very good looking.

    4. Boy- Boyfriend of the mean girl and friend of both the main character and her boyfriend. he has always been the one to get in trouble but he always finds a way out of it. a total charmer. Very good looking. and always get what he wants.

    If you could help me find preppy names that fit these descriptions that would be Amazing! Thanks!


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    Define preppy, and I will give you names.
    Caspian ~ Genevieve ~ Benjamin ~ Claire ~ Sebastian

    Caspian Bartholomew & Claire Gwendolen

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    Wealthy, high class, lily Pulitzer, and vineyard vines. the stereotypical view. Maybe something classic yet unique at the same time if that makes any sense.

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    I see the first girl as some: Rebekkah Lea Beckingham
    And her boyfriend have a name with a bit of old feel: Sylvester Kole Plimmswood
    Le Friememy: Nicola Daisy Urswick
    And her boyfriend: Marcellus Ioan Decimus

    The reason with Rebekkah, is because I awlays see a girl, with a preppy attitude and brown hair.
    And Sylvester just sounded good with her name. While Nicola was a bit harder to get her name, as I thought it should sound sweet and innocent. Oh and I made her boyfriend with roman names, as it sounded gorgeous!
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    I really like lyraslife's suggestion of Nicola! It fits your descriptions very well. Here are some other ideas:

    Character 1: Bellamy, Bryn, Tess, Hadley, Harper
    Character 2: Marcus, Bennett, Brandon, Tristan, Thatcher, Theo
    Character 3: Beatrix, Bianca, Tabitha, Tara, Tatiana, Heidi, Lacy, Laurel, Leona
    Character 4: Simon, Cyrus, Isaac, Camden, Oliver

    Good luck!
    Edward, Fitzwilliam, George, Louis, Peter

    Blythe, Hazel, Phoebe, Sybil, Theodora

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