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    Caroline Odette nn Cleo?

    Now that we have started narrowing down our boys names its time to figure out a girl one.

    Opinions on the name Caroline Odette with the nickname Cleo? It ticks a lot of boxes one me and my husbands criteria list. Classic name that's easy to pronounce, for me I LOVE Cleo and how she has a longer name to go by with a nickname. The only problem is I'm not in love with Caroline, is there any way to get over that?
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    I love the name Cleo but it doesn't seem to have substance, so this is perfect.
    I think there is some way you can get over it, maybe it gets sweeter in time.
    If you decide you don't like Caroline there are also these:
    Caddy, Callie, Caraleen, Caraleena, Caralin, Caraline, Caralyn, Caralyne, Caralynn, Cari, Carileen, Carilena, Carilyn, Carilynne, Carla, Carlan, Carleen, Carleena, Carlein, Carlen, Carlene, Carley, Carlin, Carlina, Carlinda, Carline, Carlita, Carllen, Carlota, Carlotta, Carly, Carlyn, Carlyna, Carlyne, Carlynn, Carlynne, Caro, Carol, Carola, Carolan, Carolann, Carolanne, Carole, Carolein, Caroliana, Carolin, Carolina, Carolyn, Carolyne, Carolynn, Carolynne, Caroll, Carollyn, Carri, Carrie, Carrolyn, Carry, Cary, Charla, Charleen, Charleena, Charlena, Charlene, Charline, Charlyne, Ina, Karaleen, Karaleena, Karalina, Karaline, Karalyn, Karalynna, Karalynne, Karelyn, Karilyn, Karilynn, Karla, Karleen, Karlein, Karlen, Karlena, Karlene, Karli, Karlie, Karlina, Karlinka, Karolin, Karolina, Karoline, Karolinka, Karolyn, Karolyna, Karolyne, Karolynn, Karolynne, Leena, Lina, Roline, Sharla, Sharkeen, Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharline and Sharlyne.

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    teen berry
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    yes yes yes!

    It's so Southern and sassy, yet ladylike and ballerinaesque (via Swan-Lake reference.) Cleo is scrumptious.
    Caroline, Penelope, and Magnolia? Fabulous together. They all have that bouncy multisyllabic thing, with the Os and Ls.

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    I think you may have created PERFECTION I absolutely love both names, but together...wooooohhh *swoon* It also really fits well with your other kids' names. And Cleo is just plain adorable

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    Caroline Odette nn Cleo is gorgeous. I love it!

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