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    I was actually thinking about starting a thread asking about the 2 middle name trend. Why?
    I understand in certain situations, like a short but special middle name sounds too choppy by itself or there are 2 people in the family you really feel you need to honor while naming 1 child, etc. Sometimes I think people just do it to be different.
    If I did give 2 middle names to one of my children, I would feel inclined to do the same for them all.

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    Hmmm.... It depends on the name for me. As taz said, it works with shorter, down to earth names. Ex: Arabella Evangeline Katrina does not work at all. But something like Skylar Elizabeth Grace works. It would be difficult for sibsets though...
    So I'm leaning more towards the nay side
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    I say yay!

    My sister and I were both given two middles, all family names, and I did the same for my son. I have always loved having so much connection to my family through my name and I will give two to all my kids.

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    I think it's fine but it seems too exhausting to me to come up with that many names. We have enough trouble as it is just coming up with a fn. All our kids have my maiden name as their mn so we don't have to think about it!

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    I agree with Taz when it comes to the boy names. I feel giving a boy two middles is too much. I think a girl can wear them well and I would only do it with the girls. I also agree with yolo199, a girl with a longer first name should not have two middles. It is just a mouth full then.

    At first I was anti two middles but when I came up with the combo and said it it clicked and I liked it. Plus my boyfriend likes it which is a shock because he is so picky. But I would definitely keep the two middles to for the girls.
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