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    Ayrwen pronunciation: is it intuitive?

    How would you pronounce Ayrwen? We're looking for a way to alter Eirwen so people in the U.S. pronounce it correctly: AYER - wen. I love unique names, but our last name is difficult to pronounce so I don't want the first name to be too difficult to figure out.

    Our heritage is Norwegian, German, Irish, and English. I am quite pale and was blessed to catch a (non tanning-bed provoked) melanoma in its early stage a few years ago. Now I am even more careful to stay out of the sun and we'll be slathering the sunscreen on our daughter at the beach as well. My husband has always called me his "pale Germanic princess" as a term of endearment. For these reasons we love Eirwen, which means "snow white" in Welsh. We are considering similar names...I just don't like the sound of Anwen as much. We may go with Arwen instead. I also like Eirwen's similarity to "Arwyn/Arvin" which is a male name meaning "friend of the people" in Old English. The suffix -wen can also mean "blessed" in Welsh. However, I don't love the look of Eirwen (close to Erwin) and in the U.S. I'm sure people won't figure out the beautiful pronunciation without some re-working of the spelling. Thoughts? Is Ayrwen intuitive, a terrible idea, an ok idea?

    Thank you, we truly appreciate your insight.

    ~Amity & AJ

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    I still feel questionable about whether I'm saying it right, even with your pronunciation up there. Is the first syllable like the word air? I honestly think this name is going to be tricky for people no matter how you spell it because it's so unfamiliar. Personally, I would go with the original spelling rather than an inventive one. You're going to have to explain it to people either way.

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    Hmm. Well I know it's pronounced like you've written it 'AYr-wen' so I'm sort of biased. I prefer Eirwen as the spelling though as I'm a traditionalist.

    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    Is the first syllable like the word air?
    It's a hotch-potch of 'air' and 'ayer'. < This guy gives it two syllables. To me it sounds like he's saying 'ayer' (like layer) but eliminating the 'e'. Writing Airwen wouldn't be close enough, 'AYrwen' is the closest I can get to a phonetic spelling.
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    I think the closest would be Airwen. That way you only have to change one letter. It's very pretty, but Ayrwen really looks like you wanted to give your own fun spin on your favorite LotR name. Airwen somehow looks more authentic because people don't just add "i"s to names for kicks the way they do "y"s.

    I kind of just want to tell you to go with Eirwen though. It's the name you want and, sure, you'll have to correct people, but then they'll know and it will all be fine. You may have the problem anyway with any other spelling, so just go for it! I think the most common mispronounciation you will get will be "Ire-wen." Though wrong, it's kind of pretty in it's own right. (Unlike my sister Bryn who people call Burn.)
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    It's not intuitive at all, but if you love it...

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