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    Will this work???

    My name is Caroline. In college I want to be called Caris. (keri-is) Will it work? Many similar letters! I look and feel more like a Caris than a Caroline! Plus, it's a smosh of my name and Paris, a name I've always loved more than anything. You like it or think it's stupid? BE HONEST!

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    As a nickname for Caroline, I think it does. The beginning parts sound similar. I swore I read somewhere that there was a character on a telenovela where a character named Regina went by Regis. Caroline to Caris seems to be in a similar vein.
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    I think it works as a nn for Caroline. Just make sure you introduce yourself always as Caris first so people get it. My name is Alexandra Lee and I go by Andie which is also a bit of a stretch but I always introduce myself as Andie and most people assume my name is Andrea not Alexandra. I haven't had a problem with anyone not calling me by my chosen nn. Best of luck to you!

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    I think it works- nicknames don't always have to be a perfect fit! But I suggest introducing yourself as Caroline, nickname Caris first. Go for it if it feels more "you"!

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    I'd look at Caris and say 'KAH-riss' like Carys. No way in a million years would I guess it was meant to be 'kerry-is'. O_o Maybe change the spelling to reflect the pronunciation?

    I can see Carrie/Carys as a nickname for Caroline but not Kerry.
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