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    I think that Caris with pronunciation cah-ris works better than with pronunciation kerri-is. If you introduce yourself as Caroline with nn Caris, I think it works perfectly. Nicknames don't have to be completely derived from your given name - I think they work best when they do make a nod to it however, which is was Caroline nn Caris does.

    Good luck!
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    It's not kerry-is, it's kerr-is. Like the words care and is!

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    What's your middle name?

    I think I could buy it, but it would click a bit better if your middle name had an S sound in it somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crslater View Post
    It's not kerry-is, it's kerr-is. Like the words care and is!

    So, like Paris but with a hard C? It was a little confusing b/c you have an "I" in the original post. I think that's why people thought it was Keri-is
    Anyhoo, if works for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jillianelizabeth View Post
    So, like Paris but with a hard C?
    Paris is pronounced 'PAH-ris' not 'pair-is'. O_o

    Anyway. I don't think it works with the 'care-iss' pronunciation as there's no 'care' sound in Caroline. You'd have to say it 'KAH-riss', the way Carys is traditionally pronounced, for it to make sense.

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