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    I LOVE Joan. Like you, it's a name that just keeps nagging at me to use it.... I think Joan is spunkier and funner than the classy Jane. The nn Joanie is ADORABLE! I think meeting a little girl named Joan would be oh-so-refreshing.

    As Joan and Joann are completely different names; I wouldn't worry about using it. While you might not have significant ties to God, the meaning is not negative - so I wouldn't worry about that either. Joan is a fabulous choice!
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    Joan is great. Taz summed it up perfectly.
    I love Joan especially with Celia and Arthur.

    Joan Blythe
    Joan Agnes
    Joan Constance
    Joan Verity
    Joan Celeste

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    I love Joanna and Johanna, Joan is so plain compared to them. And it resemble moan and groan... not a name I'd object to anyone else using, but it just doesn't do it for me!

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    Yep - Joan, moan, groan, drone.

    Honestly, I think it's awful. Plain and unpleasant. Like Phyllis or Gertrude, I think it deserves to never make a comeback. Sorry.

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    Joan has grown on me in recent years, and the Mad Men character is another positive influence. With its 1930s peak, it's in that zone where it isn't quite ready under the "100-year rule" but has probably passed its most unfashionable point this go-round.

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