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    thoughts for Joan?

    Joan is the oddball of all my beloved names but I can't help adoring it! She's Joan of Arc AND Joan Jett - she's just simply "Jo" some days too. She's little but fierce, vintage, simple, well-known yet off the top 1000. The only Joan I've ever met was a teenaged girl so I don't view the name as too old at all.

    But do the cons out-weight all that Joan's got going for it?
    -Joan means "God is gracious" which not appealing for a non-Christian like myself (the meaning doesn't matter as much but it does slightly concern me).
    -Joann is a relative's name and I am firmly against family names. Too close? Not that this imaginary possible future child would know Joann very well probably but my parents will think of Joann first.
    -Also, middle names? Maybe it's the shortness, maybe it's that darn "n" ending but I'm coming up blank. I feel Joan needs something longer, softer and sweeter to balance it but I loathe frilly names. I can't seem to find something that works.

    What are your thoughts on Joan? A filler middle name only? Too old? Too dull?
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    My Grandmother's name is Joan. She always felt it was so plain in comparison to her sisters names. I personally don't mind it. I just like the similar Jane...a whole lot better.

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    Oh, don't worry about the meaning. I don't see myself as a religious person and I have no problems with the meaning of my name - I might be if it meant something bad like the names Claudia or Leah.

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    I think Joan is ok. I know only 50-60 year old Joan's. I wouldn't worry about Joann. Completely different name. I also prefer Jane. Here are some middle name options:

    Joan Amelia
    Joan Camille
    Joan Cecile
    Joan Vivienne
    Joan Olivia
    Joan Charlotte
    Joan Catherine

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    I don't think there are any cons.

    Joan is rocker girl cool (Jett), crazy & saintly (D'arc), literary (Didion), strong & iconic & a little campy (Crawford) and hilarious (Rivers). I don't think I can come up with a namesake that isn't pretty awesome! The name is vintage in a sweet & wholesome 50s way, but it's also tough imo. Not wallflower vintage. I love it so much. It sound awful in my husband's Russian accent though, so it's off the table for me!

    I think people hesitate about Joan cause it's in that awkward stage where most of them are in their 50s. The ladies named Linda, Patricia, Theresa, Debora, Susan, Jean, ect. They sound like mom names to all of us ladies named Jennifer & Jessica who are having babies now! A lot of people probably won't have an open mind about Joan, but I think it's amazing!

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