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    thoughts for Joan?

    Joan is the oddball of all my beloved names but I can't help adoring it! She's Joan of Arc AND Joan Jett - she's just simply "Jo" some days too. She's little but fierce, vintage, simple, well-known yet off the top 1000. The only Joan I've ever met was a teenaged girl so I don't view the name as too old at all.

    But do the cons out-weight all that Joan's got going for it?
    -Joan means "God is gracious" which not appealing for a non-Christian like myself (the meaning doesn't matter as much but it does slightly concern me).
    -Joann is a relative's name and I am firmly against family names. Too close? Not that this imaginary possible future child would know Joann very well probably but my parents will think of Joann first.
    -Also, middle names? Maybe it's the shortness, maybe it's that darn "n" ending but I'm coming up blank. I feel Joan needs something longer, softer and sweeter to balance it but I loathe frilly names. I can't seem to find something that works.

    What are your thoughts on Joan? A filler middle name only? Too old? Too dull?
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

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