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    Will Aurora go top 10?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering about everyone's gut feelings about the name Aurora. It's on DH's and my short list for our yet-to-be-conceived baby, but I'm curious if it will keep climbing meteorically or if it has more or less settled/peaked in the medium popular 100-200 range on the SSA lists. We'd probably still use it even if it was top 50, but I'm interested if anyone has any predictions/insights/intuition about it.

    Other names we like are Penelope, Rosie, and Clementine. DH loves Clover. I love Annabel but DH had a difficult roommate by that name so it's out, sadly.

    What do you guys think of the top 10 potential for Penelope or Annabel in the future? I feel like Penelope will ultimately be held back by the "pee" ending, despite being a Kardashian, and Annabel by its multiple spellings. (Though I could see Annabel being like Madeline and ending up very high on the list when they are all tallied.)

    My guesses for eventual top 10 status include Charlotte, Avery, Harper, Aubrey (unless Aubree splits the tally too much), Amelia...not sure what others. Maybe Lila.

    Sorry...this post kind of went all over the place! Insights, anyone?

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