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    Another idea "Cerulean".

    It is a shade of blue. But it also kind of sounds magical.

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    I only have the obvious Lucia Ocean.

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    Well I think Lucy Morwenna is rather fantastic You have great taste

    There have been so many great suggestions already! I only have one more: Lucy Morvoren. Morvoren literally means 'mermaid', though it may be a bit OTT for your husband. But I don't think having Lucy & Caspian together is too 'Narnia' at all. I think they're lovely

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    Lucy Morwenna is absolutely stunning. A few more ideas (sorry for any repeats!)

    Lucy Meredith
    Lucy Darya
    Lucy Tallulah
    Lucy Maris
    Lucy Moanna
    Lucy Pasha
    Lucy Picabo
    Lucy Sabrina
    Lucy Eyre

    Top Girls: Under Construction

    Top Boys: Under Construction

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    I don't have any suggestions to add - I love the idea of Lucy Morwenna, Lucia Pearl, Lucy Nereida, Lucy Marina, Lucia Melisande, Lucia Coraline, Lucy Delphine, Lucy Camellia, Lucy Gwenllian, Lucy Ianthe, Lucy Melaina, Lucy Morgana, Lucia Ivy, Lucia Maris and Lucia Violet.

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