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    Moonstones and Mermaids - Watery Middles for Lucy

    I've been getting restless lately trying to flesh out my list into a top five for each gender and making no real progress. So I'm coming to you dear Berries for help, starting with my future little Leeloo!

    I'm madly in love with the name Lucy, but I do already have a Caspian on my list, so I'm looking at Lucia (loo-SEE-ah, not LOO-sha) combos as well to break up the Narnia-ness. For this combo, I'm really drawn to watery, opalescent names. Think abalone shells, freshwater pearls, the scales on mermaid tails, trails of moonlight atop gleaming ocean waves...

    My WIP list of potential siblings includes Zion Nathaniel, Alice Willow, Solomon Fable, Ophelia Fawn (or Ophelia Wren), Caspian (middle TBD), Gideon Wolf (not yet hubby approved), and Malachi (middle TBD). For a Lucy combo, I'd like something unusual, magical, and fantasy-esque to hold up against some of the more ethereal names like Fable and Ophelia. It can't be too over-the-top though because my husband is VERY picky. For a Lucia combo, I'd like something still magical but it can be a little more "normal", a la Nathaniel or Willow. Lucia already has that mysterious allure.

    My top two thus far are Lucy Morwenna and Lucia Pearl.

    I cannot wait to hear what you lovelies come up with!
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    Well I love Lucy Morwenna!!!

    Maybe ...

    Arethusa (Arethusa was a nymph pursued by a river god, who was changed by Artemis into a stream to avoid a fate worse than death.)

    Eleri (name of a Welsh river)

    Nerina (which means Sea Nymph)

    Ondine (means little wave and also in folklore was a german water sprite)

    Coral (as in Coral Reef)

    Nixie (was an water sprite in folklore)

    Naida (means water nymph)

    Ilayda (Turkish for Water fairy)

    The most "normal" one from that list is Coral.
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    Lucy Nerissa (means sea nymph)
    Lucy Nereida
    Lucy Tallulah (means leaping waters)
    Lucy Aquila (means eagle but it is similar to aqua, which is water-related)
    Lucy Talisa
    Lucy Ebba
    Lucy Marina

    Lucia Aphrodite
    Lucia Melisande
    Lucia Sirene
    Lucia Talise
    Lucia Oceane
    Lucia Coraline
    Lucia Avalon
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    Lucy Morwenna is lovely! What about
    Lucy Aquamarine(too long?)
    Lucy River
    Lucy Marina/Marine
    Lucy Agam(means "lake")
    Lucy Serena
    Lucy Ursula(well, not the best, but water connection and the name is pretty)
    Lucy Delphine
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    I do love Lucy Morwenna, it's gorgeous and magical.

    Some suggestions (the Greek ones are various sea and spring nymphs):

    Lucy Camellia
    Lucy Clymene
    Lucy Gwenllian
    Lucy Ianthe
    Lucy Liriope
    Lucy Melaina
    Lucy Melusine
    Lucy Meredith
    Lucy Morgana
    Lucy Nereis
    Lucy Orseis
    Lucy Pallene

    Lucia Ivy
    Lucia Lavender
    Lucia Maris
    Lucia Meredith
    Lucia Violet
    Lucia Yarrow

    Good to have you back, Sesshie dear!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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