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    Hmm.. Lucia Nimue is slippery-silvery, but it doesn't have much contrast. Both are such watery moonstone names, three syllables, with the double vowels.

    Lucia Niniane? Lucia Vivian?

    Lucia is great. There's also Lucy via Lior, Luz, Lucasta....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs_anton_yelchin1990 View Post
    Another idea "Cerulean".

    It is a shade of blue. But it also kind of sounds magical.
    Absolutely this. Lucia Cerulean? Wonderful.
    Also like Lucia Lorelei, Lucia Muirin, Lucia Venus & Lucia Vivienne.

    Generally I think choosing Lucia over Lucy would be a smart decision - it gives her the option of going by the bubbly Lucy or more exotic Lucia as she enters adulthood, and I also think Lucia blends better with the rest of your list.

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    makaylaerin and rielle – Thank you! I find myself leaning in this direction…Hubs is not keen on Morwenna, and Lucia seems more complete than Lucy, while still allowing for it as a nickname. And Pearl is just exquisite…so evocative for a one-syllable name!

    sorceress – thank you! I'm rediscovering my love for Nimue and looking for a place where she fits.

    bigsweater – thanks for the suggestions! Loire is swoonworthy, but I think Hubs will take issue with the French-ness. Afton unfortunately makes me think of afghan, even though it's lovely to look at!

    otterbot – thanks, sweets! What IS the Italian way? I say loo-SEE-ah, because LOO-sha just sounds mushy to me.

    dindlee – I agree!

    geeknamezyo – aww, thank you! It's funny, because sometimes names are very evocative and come with their own imagery, and other times I have specific imagery in mind and look for names that match it. Either way, I love imaginative descriptors! I'm glad you think Lucy and Caspian work together…I'd get no end of mockery from my in-laws if they thought I was Narnia-theming my kids.

    embem – you're right about the lack of contrast, maybe that's why I'm hesitant. I've never been a Niniane fan, although I do love Vivian. Lior is intriguing…originally I was Lucy all the way, but the more I say Lucia the more I love her…she's like Lucy all grown up and cultured and exotified (look at me making new words!)

    katie – Cerulean is so fun to say! That was my favorite crayon in the box as a kid…I love Lorelei, especially after the Blackmore's Night song! Muirin is pretty, but Hubs will not go for the less than intuitive pronunciation. Venus is a no-go for me, but Vivienne is beautiful. I think I prefer her to Vivian. Thanks so much for your thoughts on Lucy vs. Lucia! You've captured exactly what I was trying to say. And I'm glad to hear Lucia blends well with her potential sibs…I'm a sucker for a cohesive sibset.

    Thank you all for your help! I think Lucy and therefore Morwenna are officially out of the running, so I'll be trying out Lucia Pearl on Husbie. Wish me luck >_>
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    My latest crush name is Amara. Means "lovely forever". Not water themed but I just love it! So dreamy.

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