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    Apr 2013
    LN: Smith
    Who are you? Aurelia Juno
    How old are you? 25
    What's your job? Television News Video Editor

    Who did you marry? Felix Augustus
    How old is he? 27
    What's his job? Speech Pathologist

    Where do both of you live? St. Louis, MO
    Shortly after you got married, you had your first kid. After much discussion, you two decided on the perfect name for your first angel with a theme that you can easily follow for your future children.
    What theme did you choose? Unusual

    Our first son was named Cruz Zeppelin

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    Dec 2009
    LN: Hartford

    Me: Junia Isolde, 25, a forester scientist
    Him: Felix Aeneas, 30, an electrical engineering director

    We live in New Waterford, Nova Scotia.

    1. Jane Isabel

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    May 2012
    DW: Felicia Isolde Hartford (28)
    - Eating Disorder Psychologist
    DH: Felix Marius Hartford (32)
    - Private Chef

    Where do both of you live?
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

    What theme did you choose?

    DS: Edward Daniel Hartford

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    Jun 2010
    New York State
    Severina Juno Hartford, 27, set designer
    Horatio Felix Hartford, 30, graphic designer

    Live in London, England

    Navy Viviana Hartford

    theme: unusual first name, ancient middle name

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    Jun 2013
    LN: Valon

    Me: Viviana Jennet
    Age: 26
    Job: Obstetrician/Gynecologist

    DH: Romulus Theon
    Age: 30
    Job: Firefighter

    We live in France

    DS: Charles Edward
    Strive not to be a success, but rather of value
    ~Albert Einstein~

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