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    BNG quick and easy.

    Found this off another name site, thought it was quite neat! Made a few changes.

    The basics... what's your last name? Smith/Jones/Hartford/MacKey/Jackson/Valon/Fergus

    Who are you?

    How old are you? (min: 22, max: 28)

    What's your job? (Option 2, you can generate up to 3 times)

    Who did you marry?

    How old is he? (min: 25, max: 33)

    What's his job? (Option 2, you can generate up to 3 times)

    Where do both of you live?

    Shortly after you got married, you had your first kid. Gender? (Odd: boy Even:Girl)

    After much discussion, you two decided on the perfect name for your first angel with a theme that you can easily follow for your future children.

    What theme did you choose?




    Atticus | Bodhi | Caleb | Ezra | Jude | Isaac | Jett | Levi | Lincoln

    Aspen | Audrey | Calla | Celeste | Delilah | Isla | Lydia | Mila | Valentina | Violet

    ~Stella~ Evelyn~ Selah
    Fox~ Joel~ Brooks

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