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    Overall thoughts on these names...

    Since I'm lengthening my girls' list to a top 20, I figured I'd might as well do it for the boys, too. So I'm throwing around some new options, and I'm curious what you ladies think of these.

    Joseph "Joe"
    Frederick "Freddie"
    Calvin "Cal"
    Theodore "Teddy" (LOVE Teddy, not so sure about Theodore. It seems quite overplayed and overrated atm? I do love the meaning, "gift of God", though. Is there another way to get to Teddy besides the Ed- names--Edmund, Edward, etc.? I dislike those more than Theodore...)
    Patrick "Pax"
    Dominic "Dom"
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit"
    Gustav "Gus"
    Shepherd (although I'm leaning more toward this as a MN...)

    Although I wouldn't mind expanding my list, I don't want to expand it just for the sake of expanding my list--I want to genuinely like the names, if that makes sense. I'm not entirely opposed to having a top 20 for girls and top 10 for boys. Anything else you think I might like?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    My favorites are Zane, Judah, Calvin, Lachlan, Noah, and Atticus

    I'm not fond of Declan (feels trendy and sounds like Decline), Patrick (detest Pat), Shepherd (just doesn't feel right as a first to me).

    What about Zeke or Samson?
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    I'm biased... my husband's name is Calvin, and I love it. I think it's a great name for a little boy and transitions really well into a man's name.

    Great list!!

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    Brody - Not a fan because I just don't like the sound. How about Cody? Toby?
    Declan - nice. I can see it fitting well with your other boy names.
    Joseph "Joe" - totally love! Handsome and classic. Deffo add to your list
    Booker - my first thoughts were 'Man Booker Prize' and 'hooker'. Dislike.
    Zane - I find it a bit severe.
    Judah - I personally prefer Jude, but Judah is ok.
    Frederick "Freddie" - really like! Freddie is very cute.
    Calvin "Cal" - I find it a little dated. Cal is a handsome nn though.
    Theodore "Teddy" - I really like Theodore. Teddy is adorable.
    Patrick "Pax" - Love Patrick. Love Paddy, Patch, Trick & Rick, but I can't get behind Pax :/
    Lachlan - NMS but fine
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian - Ciaran and Cillian are lovely. I see 'Kill Ian' with Killian
    Noah - ditto Lachlan
    Dominic "Dom" - Lovely name
    Donovan - NMS, but fairly handsome
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" - Never heard of it as a name before. I see 'attic cuss' and imagine someone swearing in their attic.
    Gustav "Gus" - really like! I've got a bit of a thing for Norse and Swedish boy names.
    Shepherd - I've always found this one a little ridiculous, sorry.

    Other suggestions: Caledon, James, Angus, Peter, Cameron, Isaac, Jenson, Jonas, Vincent, Julian, Daniel...

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    Brody - Not a fan, I'm not much keen on Br- names anyway.
    Declan - Like this, handsome and underused
    Joseph "Joe" - Like this too, is on my own longlist
    Booker - Not keen, sorry. It makes me think of a kid who spends all his time in the library.
    Zane - Alright
    Judah - Alright, prefer just Jude though
    Frederick "Freddie" - Like this, though Freddie's pretty popular in my parts.
    Calvin "Cal" - Like this as well, prefer Calvin to Cal though
    Theodore "Teddy" - I like Theodore, and Teddy's a cute nickname.
    Patrick "Pax" - Like Patrick, not so keen on Pax.
    Lachlan - Like this too
    Ciaran/Cillian/Killian - Like Ciaran, not so keen on Cillian/Killian for the 'Kill' sound
    Noah - Not keen
    Dominic "Dom" - Like Dominic, not so keen on Dom. Actually love the nickname Nico for Dominic after seeing another Berry uses it.
    Donovan - Not a fan
    Atticus "Atti/Gus/Kit" - This always comes across as pretentios to me.
    Gustav "Gus" - Love Gus, Gustav will only work on an Eastern European to me.
    Shepherd - Who looks after sheep.

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