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  • Archer Felix

    27 27.27%
  • Hugo Felix

    36 36.36%
  • Arlo Felix

    6 6.06%
  • Miles Felix

    19 19.19%
  • Maxwell Felix (nn Max)

    11 11.11%
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    Today's the day, and still no name! Please vote!!

    I'm due today, hopefully will deliver this week! Help me choose a name for my baby boy. His sister is Matilda Ann, and our last name is 2 syllables and very German. The middle name will be Felix.
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    Archer Felix- My #2... Archer just seems much trendier to me than Felix.
    Hugo Felix- Quite classy... Perfect combo, assuming your surname doesn't begin or end with an O, X, or S...
    Arlo Felix- I have no idea why, but Arlo just seems redneck to me (along with Milo).
    Miles Felix- I love Miles, but not with Felix. Felix sounds like Fee-licks, meaning that both Miles and Felix end with an 's' sound.
    Maxwell Felix- This one also doesn't flow. Also, I don't like the 'x' repeated in both names.

    Hugo Felix.
    Currently exiled from the US

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    I also vote Hugo, wonderful name!
    Good luck with baby, just don't worry, he will know when the time is

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    I vote for Miles, a great versatile names. Good luck, and Matilda Ann is beautiful.
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    I like Archer, Miles, and Maxwell!

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