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    Question Do you like my baby name??

    Strongly considering

    Jenezmae Kalyssa Carrasco

    Would love some honest opinions. I want a unique J name and I'm falling in love with this one. Willy babygirl hate it???

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    Honestly, I don't like it. It looks made-up and "low class". There are plenty of other J names that are unique yet legitimate names and you don't have to misspell names to make them unique. I think your little girl would have a hard time with spelling and pronunciation with the name you've picked.


    I would also consider spelling Kalyssa either Calissa or Calista/Kalista (which means "most beautiful" btw.)

    I think the name Jessamine Calista is so pretty and different without looking misspelled or "made-up". Juliet Calista is also very beautiful even though its not as "unique" as you'd like.
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    I agree with previous poster. It is not appealing in look or sound, and comes across as made up and trendy. The suggestion of jessamine is fabulous! I would roll with that. Calista is also nice.

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    I don't like it, it reminds me of the awful Renesmee from the Twilight Saga. How about Jasmine, or Jessamine?

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    Jenezmae Kalyssa Carrasco isn't appealing like the others have said. Also, the whole name is repetitive: all the names have the a sound in it.

    Suggestions for a J name:
    Jewel (You might associate this with the singer, but I guess associations don't bother me like they should)
    Jack (I like the thought of a girl being named Jack)

    Others have been posting suggestions for Kalyssa like Calissa or Calista, but what about Calypso? It has a similar ring to it. Along with the other posts, Jessamine is BEAUTIFUL. As far as your second middle name, I LOVE IT. I would not change it.

    Jessamine Carrasco? IN LOVE WITH IT. Lol
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