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    Pleasantly Surprised by Coworker's baby name!

    So a coworker of mine just had a baby and named her K @ r r i s M @ r c e l l a. I like the name Charis a lot, but her choice of a more phonetic spelling is nice. I'm not sure if it the name has any particular significance or not. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she gave her child an interesting name considering her name is D@n@e, which is also a name I love.
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    I like it too, but prefer original spelling.
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    Equally it could have been Welsh Carys. I wonder which name she was intending to use originally before she twisted the spelling?

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    Karris/Charis is really pretty, I don't think it's my style exactly though. Very creative, unique in my eyes. Especially with the middle name, Marcella. Really nice combo, congratulations to D@n@e.
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