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Thread: Renaming myself

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    I think unless you pre-arrange with the principal and teachers first...other students will probably think its weird if you get called Eleanor by them....when you have been telling everyone your name is Genevieve or Stella. But even then, your student I.D would have your real name on it. It might get tricky.

    But really, whatever you do...try and be honest. If you're gonna go by Genevieve..then explain why. It will only look worse for you if the truth comes out.

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    I'm doing the same thing as you are. I'm turning fifteen at the end of summer and going to a different high school than most of the kids in my middle school are, so it's the perfect chance to change your name.

    I actually know three or four people who go by completely different names than the ones their birth certificate lists. Most will assume its your middle name. I know a kid named Michael ______ the Third, and he goes by Eddie. Everyone assumed his middle name leads to Eddie (Edward, Frederick, etc.), but when it was revealed his middle was actually John, life went on as normal and no one ever questions it.

    We never use student I.D.s where I live. In fact, most kids I know who go by their middle or another name even get school pictures and their yearbooks with the name they use on it.

    When you switch to a new school and there is roll call, when the teacher calls your name just say, "I go by Genevieve/Stella." They'll make a mark on the attendance sheet reminding them that you are called something different.

    I've told kids from my current school I'm going to go by the name Lucy next year, and they'll usually ask why. I just tell them I've disliked my name for years and my parents and I have finally agreed on a new name, and if all goes well I'll change it officially in the next few years. As long as your new name isn't ridiculous (such as Superman or Apple), no one will bat an eye, at least in my area.

    I should also note that I know several other kids who are taking the jump from middle school to high school or transferring/moving to go by a different name, a middle or a new nickname. Evelyn to Evie, Alexandrea to Vo, Elizabeth to Nicole, Marissa to Maisie, and more. I doubt anyone would be bullied for going to a different name than the one listed on official records. It's actually becoming a lot more common nowadays.

    -I also should note that your middle name, Mary, is one of those names that you can do almost anything with. Have you thought of going by Marie, Maisie, Molly, Mae, Maya/Maja or Mia?
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    I don't think anyone should have to go through life with a name they hate so I think if you really don't like it you should change it. I agree with the above posters that it would be difficult to go by a name completely unrelated to your actual names at this point in your life. I think this is hardest when you are in school because of roll call etc. when you are an adult generally you introduce yourself verbally to people long before they would know you legal name. Would you parents allow you to legally change it? I think this would be the easiest way. Otherwise I think Mariella is your best bet. I think MrsAnton's suggestion of arranging with the teacher beforehand to call you Genevieve or Stella could work though. Maybe you could tell the kids in your class it is you third mn. I hope everything works out for you!

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    I'm also changing my name. It's hard deciding on the right one. I was set on Tabitha for about six months, and now I'm back to square one, so I know what it's like to hate your name - your given name is so gorgeous however! I'm an Ebony Eden *puke*. I think that changing schools is a great opportunity to introduce yourself with a different name, but as it won't be legal, the school will still have you down as Eleanor. Though arranging with teachers to call you Genevieve or Stella beforehand may work, there still could be complications. From my experience, I would suggest waiting until you are old enough to legally change your name (if your parents won't allow you now), before you start introducing yourself with a different name.

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    Eleanor is a beautiful and now modern/vintage name. Use the full form or use Nora. No offense, but this sounds like a very teenaged thing to want to change your name. If it were embarrassing or tacky, maybe I could understand, but not because you want to try something else out.

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