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Thread: Renaming myself

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    Renaming myself

    Hi, I don't really like my name. My name is Eleanor but most of the time I'm called Ellie. My middle name is Mary. I'm 15 and I'm going to be moving schools in about a years time.
    I don't feel like I'm an Eleanor or an Ellie and I really can't picture an adult called Ellie.

    I really like both Genevieve and Stella. My surname is Porter.

    I've just thought maybe a smoosh of my names- Mariella?
    I wouldn't change it legally, I would just introduce myself as Genevieve/Stella.
    I love the idea of reinventing myself.

    What do you all think? Thank you
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    I think Eleanor is a beautiful name! Ultimately, it's up to you, but personally, I would shy away from introducing myself as something that's completely different than my given name...I feel like it could get confusing as time went on, especially if/when you classmates discovered that it isn't actually your name.

    Have you thought about exploring other nicknames besides Ellie? There are some really great options out there. I went to school with an Eleanor who went by Nora, which I always liked a lot. There's also Nell, Elle, Lenore...Ella, which is particularly close to Stella, which you mentioned liking. What about your middle name? That could be an option too.

    But as I said, ultimately, it's up to you. Good luck!
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    I did change my name legally - I tried using it first without doing it legally, and it doesn't really work. People just get confused and ask questions and it becomes a real pain to explain.

    I like Courtney's idea of using a different nickname - I admit, I dislike the name Ellie too - but Nell, Nellie, Nora, Ella, Nor or Lea are beautiful names! And its much easier going "My name is Eleanor, but every calls me xxx" than using a completely different name.

    Chances are, ur age taken into consideration, ur new classmates would just think you were weird if u said ur name is Genevieve, when its not.

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    I think you should choose a new nickname that's related to your name. I like Nora as a nn for Eleanor.

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    How are you gonna explain to people when they ask why your names are completely different (new name and given name)? I have several nicknames and a pseudo too, all I took from my full names or something strongly related to it. It'll be easy if you say you have a plan to change it legally, but since you're not, it'll confuse people.

    Btw, I like Eleanor. I love Elle, not as much for Ellie though. There are also Lea or Nora. Or Ella.
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