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    I'm torn! Isabelle is my favorite Belle name, but Arabella and Annabel (this spelling) are tied for my second favorite. With Jack(son), I like Arabella more, but Jack and Annabel is so perfect, too! I think they sound great together. If Annabelle was spelled Annabel, I think that'd get my vote, but as they are, I like Jack and Arabella best.
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    Oh wow, a very tough decision as they're both utterly gorgeous names & 2 of my favourite's.

    For some reason, that I cannot explain why, I feel Annabelle is a little more classical / timeless.

    Perhaps it is because Arabella is becoming much more popular. I do however love both names!

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    Thanks so much for the responses everyone! I'm so glad to see that no one was horrified by both options.

    I definitely agree that Annabelle/Annabel/Anabell seems like the more classic choice. I'm just not ready to let go of Arabella.

    The first time I ever heard this name it was being worn by a very smart, sophisticated 20-something from New Orleans so I guess the trendy image of Arabella takes a back seat to that for me, but I definitely don't want to ignore it.

    Knowing the names I'm considering, does anyone have any other suggestions? The other ones on the list that hubby didnt veto are Elizabeth and Georgina, but I'd love to hear more options!


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    I like Annabelle a lot better! I like that there are more nickname options, plus I just think it works perfectly for all ages. I don't really like Arabella, it sounds strange and made up to me (I know its a real name).
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