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    I'll start by saying I just love the nickname Pip. I don't care much for either Peregrine or Crispin, but I do prefer Peregrine for the LotR connection, plus I think that Cris would be a more natural nn for Crispin, so my vote goes for Peregrine
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    Tough choice! With Peregrine, I love the falcon, the Lord of the Rings, and the Pilgrim baby Peregrine White as associations. Peregrine is handsome, distinguished and unusual. With Crispin, I love Henry V (St. Crispin's Day) and Jane Austen's character Mr. Bingley, via actor Crispin Bonham Carter, as associations. Crispin is cheery, crisp (some teasing potential, but "crispness" is not always negative), British, and also pleasantly unusual.

    Personally, I would probably lean more toward using Crispin, mostly because a friend has used Peregrine and I'd feel kinda like a copycat. But I would have a hard time deciding which name I actually prefer. Which name is more meaningful to you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexa400 View Post
    I'll be the odd man out and say I prefer Crispin, I think the name is handsome and easy for kids to say and understand. I've always had troubles with Peregrine, there's just something about it that makes me feel like it's trying to hard, though in my mind I feel like it's a name I should like... I also think Phillip is rather charming
    I agree with Alexa!

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    Personally, I think both are awful. Sorry...

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