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    1. BJ -don't!!!!
    2. Yes, I thought Tee-uh
    3. Olivia and Sophie/Sophia are popular. Also a lot of Maddie's. (Midwest, USA)

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    Olivia is popular, But not the other ones.

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    1. Nah, I doubt most people will notice it and if they do she can just laugh it off. I know two boys named BJ and they do fine with it, and I have a feeling it would be worse for a boy than a girl.

    2. Not if you use that accent mark, but if not than yes

    3. Very - There are four Olivias in my little brother's grade (he's going to be a freshman) and it's what my mom's hairdresser just named her daughter, I would say it's the most common name where I live. There's a Sophie next door to me and there are at least 4 Madeleine/Madeline/Madelyns that I know of around here. There are also a lot of Madisons!

    From your list, I love Cecily, Julia/Juliet, and Bridget the most. They're all unique and classy. The only one that I have ever actually met someone with the name is Julia, and that's still a distinctive classic.
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    1. I would avoid it if you could, but it's not the worst initials you could have. The actor/comedian B.J. Novak does just fine.
    2. It could be confusing on paper (plus tea in Spanish is té) but people are sure to get it after a while.
    3. I'm not around the kid folk too much, but there are several Olivia's, Madeline's, and Sophie/Sophia's in my brothers school (he's currently in the seventh grade.)
    Hope that helps.

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    1. I'd avoid BJ for a boy or a girl to be honest. Kids can be cruel and I wouldn't like my daughter to get that nickname.

    2. I read it as tea straight away. I think it depends on where you come from. I'm half british and half spanish so I read it as "tee" then as "tay-ah". How about using Tia, Teyha or Teya.

    3. Madaleine, Sophie and Olivia are all very popular in the UK. Sophie and Olivia might even be in the top 10!
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