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Thread: This or that

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    Raphaela or Bethan- Raphaela... Regal, interesting, and has great nns...
    Claire or Sophie- Claire... Sophie's been done to death
    Lauren or Caitlin- Neither... Both bring me back to the 90s.
    Emma or Lucy- Emma... This was a childhood fav of mine, that I just don't see as usable anymore due to its popularity. Lucy reminds me of "I Love Lucy"
    Maybelline or Julietta- Neither... Maybelline reminds me of the makeup. Juliet and all varients just make me feel sad, due to her death in "Romeo and Juliet".
    Ella or Molly- Molly... My brother almost used Ella, until he realized with the last name it would become Ellafant, or elephant. Now I only think 'elephant'.
    Sharon or Lesley- Sharon... They're both dated, but I have a good friend (Chinese) named Sharon, so it seems more usable to me.
    Helen or Ruth- Helen... Helen reminds me of mythology. Ruth... it just doesn't have a nice sound.
    Sally or Alison- Neither.
    Julia or Jessica- Julia... Jessica was done to death on us 80s babies.
    Kathryn or Danielle- Danielle... I've known so many Katherines (and all variants), but only a handful of Danielles. Plus, I hate unnecessary y's.
    Kay or Sarah- Kay... Sarah's too common. However, I'd choose Sariah/ Soraya over Kay.
    Bliss or Sky- Bliss... I'm not big on it sounding like 'blister', but Sky is too hippie...
    Georgia or Alissa- Georgia... It's classic and mature, and I love the nns. Alissa is just mediocre to me.
    Saskia or Natalie- Saskia... This name's really grown on me. I think I'd prefer Natalia over Saskia, but I love Saskia's bold uniqueness.
    Colette or Victorine- Colette... I love -ette names... they feel like they strike the perfect balance between mature and cute.
    Carla or Nina- Carla... I have a friend by this name. Nina makes me think of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
    Holly or April- April... Bad association with Holly.
    Phoebe or Lydia- Lydia... So classy. I had this on my list through childhood, as I knew a Lydia. Lately it's skyrocketed, though. :P
    Catharina or Tuana- Catharina... Tuana is way too out there...
    Jocelyn or Grace- Grace... Although it's blahhhh it has a nice meaning. I've never known a nice Jocelyn, so it's not usable to me...
    Laura or Emily- Emily... both are really 80s, but I like Em- names a lot. However, Laurel would beat Emily.
    Maisie or Eva- Eva... It's more grown-up. Although I love Maisie, I think it's better as a nickname or middle name.
    Autumn or Hayley- Autumn... I think of vibrant leaves and crisp air... pumpkin patches, Halloweén, and apple cider. Hayley just makes me think of a stuck up girl from elementary school.
    Lacianna or Pearl- Pearl... Short, to the point, and cute. Also, I love Pearl Buck.
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    Raphaela or Bethan - Raphaela is more exotic and lush.
    Claire or Sophie - This was a tough choice because I love both names. The chic Sophie won out in the end!
    Lauren or Caitlin - Neither is a fave but Lauren sounds softer.
    Emma or Lucy - Both are lovely but I prefer the spunky Lucy.
    Maybelline or Julietta - Julietta is a bit frilly for my taste but it's preferable to a makeup brand name.
    Ella or Molly - Molly is jolly!
    Sharon or Lesley - Neither name is my style and I do prefer the spelling Leslie.
    Helen or Ruth - I love both names so it was hard to choose Helen over Ruth.
    Sally or Alison - I have a bad association with the name Sally so I chose Alison.
    Julia or Jessica - Julia is an old Roman classic name.
    Kathryn or Danielle - I find both "dated" (the spelling of Kathryn not Catherine/Katherine). Danielle is slightly better.
    Kay or Sarah - Sarah has more substance as a first name.
    Bliss or Sky - Neither is my style and both work better in the middle spot. Sky is preferable as a fn choice. Bliss sounds like an exotic dancer.
    Georgia or Alissa - Georgia is spunky and sassy. Alissa is lispy.
    Saskia or Natalie - Both are fine names but I like the flair of Saskia best.
    Colette or Victorine - Neither is my style but Victorine seems pretentious.
    Carla or Nina - Nina is a European mainstay.
    Holly or April - Holly is jolly like Molly!
    Phoebe or Lydia - Both are great names but I like Phoebe more than Lydia.
    Catharina or Tuana - Catharina is pretty. Is Tuana even a name? It reminds me of Tijuana.
    Jocelyn or Grace - I love both names but Grace is sublime!
    Laura or Emily - Both are fine names but Laura is underused.
    Maisie or Eva - Eva is lovely. Maisie is too cutesy for a grown woman.
    Autumn or Hayley - Neither is my taste but I think Autumn is a little better.
    Lacianna or Pearl - Pearl wins hands down! Sorry but Lacianna is quite awful.
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    Bethan - Raphael is a nice boy's name but I don't like Raphaela on a girl
    Claire - Sophie is nice but I love the name Claire
    Lauren - Caitlyn is overused
    Lucy - as well as Emma
    Julietta - Maybelline's makeup assoc.
    Ella - Don't like the name Molly
    Lesley - Can't stand the name Sharon
    Helen - Ruth is, as of yet, too old lady-ish
    Alison - Not enthused over Sally
    Jessica - Don't like Jessica but worse yet is Julia
    Kathryn - I don't like the name Danielle
    Sarah - Despise the name Kay
    Sky - Sky is more normal than Bliss
    Alissa - Georgia is a place name
    Saskia - Hard; Natalie loses
    Colette - I like Colette
    Nina - Carla to close to Carl
    April - Holly is to Christmas-y, good for December baby
    Phoebe - I've always liked this name
    Catharina - I love this name
    Grace - And this name
    Laura - Emily is too popular
    Eva - Maisie is nice but I love the name Eva
    Autumn - Hayley is to common
    Pearl - Lacianna is just a tad too frilly

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