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Thread: This or that

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    This or that

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    Maybelline - I will explain just this. I prefer unusual names and I love Mabel and Mabeline.
    Julia and Jessica
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassandrah View Post
    Please say why. Thank you

    Raphaela or Bethan - did you mean Bethany or Bethan? I pick second anyway, I like Beth names.
    Claire or Sophie - Sophie. Claire never appealed to me.
    Lauren or Caitlin - don't really like both though I slightly prefer Lauren, Caitlin sounds dated.
    Emma or Lucy - Lucy. Although they are both not really my style, Emma is personal dislike.
    Maybelline or Julietta - Maybelline. Julietta seems tied to the tragedy.
    Ella or Molly - Molly. Ella is soo overdone.
    Sharon or Lesley - Lesley. Sharon always sounded like a 100% male to me.
    Helen or Ruth - hard to choose but I guess I am liking Helen more right now.
    Sally or Alison - again, like both though I think Sally sounds fresher today.
    Julia or Jessica - Jessica. All the Julias I know in real life are awful so I don't really like the name.
    Kathryn or Danielle - Kathryn. Danielle is pretty boring in comparison.
    Kay or Sarah - Kay. Never loved Sarah but Kay is just stunning.
    Bliss or Sky - Bliss. Sky is pretty filler.
    Georgia or Alissa- Georgia. Would have preferred Alissa if it was Alisha.
    Saskia or Natalie - Natalie. Saskia sounds horrible to my ears.
    Colette or Victorine - Victorine. Just don't like Colette like almost all -ette names.
    Carla or Nina - Nina. Carla is too Bruni for me.
    Holly or April - like both but right now I pick Holly.
    Phoebe or Lydia - Phoebe. Lydia is pretty dated in Russia,
    Catharina or Tuana - Catharina, don't like Tuana.
    Jocelyn or Grace - Grace. Jocelyn isn't really my style.
    Laura or Emily- like both. Emily is my long love though and I will pick it therefore.
    Maisie or Eva - Maisie. Although I like Adam, Eva never seemed pretty to me.
    Autumn or Hayley - Autumn. Hayley sounds very IT.
    Lacianna or Pearl
    - Pearl. Lacianna isn't my taste.

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    Raphaela - classical
    Sophie - sweet and pretty
    Caitlin - irish!
    Lucy - lucy in the sky with diamonds
    Maybelline or Julietta - neither, prefer Juliet. Maybelline just makes me think of the makeup brand.
    Ella or Molly - Molly is adorable
    Sharon or Lesley - neither - makes me think of older maths teachers.
    Helen or Ruth - Helena.
    Sally or Alison - Sally is cute!
    Julia or Jessica - pretty neutral either way.
    Kathryn or Danielle - Kathryn because of nicknames, Kat, Kitty, Kick
    Kay or Sarah - Kaye!
    Bliss or Sky - Bliss - interesting, Sky is a bit 90s
    Georgia or Alissa - Georgia, but prefer Georgianna
    Saskia or Natalie - Saskia
    Colette or Victorine - Colette - french author Colette
    Carla or Nina - neutral
    Holly or April - Holly - lovely for christmas!
    Phoebe or Lydia - neutral
    Catharina or Tuana - neither really.
    Jocelyn or Grace - Grace is very sweet, if quite common.
    Laura or Emily - like both!
    Maisie or Eva - Maisie is adorable, but I would probably use it as a nickname for Margaret or similar. I prefer Eve or Evie to Eva.
    Autumn or Hayley - Autumn, Hayley is very not my style.
    Lacianna or Pearl - Pearl is vintage, Lacianna sounds a bit made-up

    good luck!

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