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  • Walter (nn Walt)

    23 31.51%
  • Thomas (nn Tommy or Tom)

    12 16.44%
  • Charles (nn Charlie)

    16 21.92%
  • Quinlan (Quinn)

    7 9.59%
  • Donovan (nn Don)

    2 2.74%
  • Jack

    13 17.81%
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    Please vote on our list

    6 days to go and still trying to find a name for our little boy.
    -His big sister is Evelyn (nickname Evie)
    -Last name start with M, 2 syllables
    -Middle name is my maiden name, starts with D, 3 syllables.

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    Quinlan is a great name and very unique. It is a bit similar to Evelyn, ending with an N... so it's just whether or not that bothers you. Also, it's hard to say without knowing the final sound in the mn and last name.
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    Hi tfzolghadr, DH really likes Quinlan. I am a bit concerned that it ends with -lan, the same sound at the end of Evelyn. To me it sounds a bit like we're trying to name twins. Hubby thinks since we'd be calling by their nicknames much of the time (Evie and Quinn) that it would rarely be a problem.
    Last name rhymes with Burdock, by the way.

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    I voted for Thomas. It has a handsome, regal air to it that I love.
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    I voted for Quinlan! I like Thomas a lot and that'd be my second choice. Third is Donovan- I'm not wild about Don as a kid's nickname, but I do like the repeated "Do" sound in your last name, gives it a nice cadence.

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