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    Location: Malibu

    Bradburry Family

    Edgar Duke
    Jennifer Kelly (previously Knott, Waxman, Maeder, & Lightfoot)

    Satchel Atticus
    Aviana Parker
    Dashiell Story
    Breland Curren
    Sol Anders & Ivan Gus
    Wonder Omar
    Zena Keane

    Rabbit: Baby Doll

    Edgar & Jenn with Satchel, Aviana, Dashiell, Breland, Sol, Ivan, Wonder, & Zena.
    Cleo Magnolia | Noa Jean | Indie Ophelia | Zinnia Margot | Aubrey Thea | Evanna Daisy
    Wendy Adelaide | Selah Bridget | Harlowe Astrid | Kit Delilah

    Gideon Knox | Callum Vade | Porter Elias | Corban Atticus | Fletcher Dean | Clayton Miles
    Zion August | Deacon Tate | Lachlan Wyatt | Luca Prescott

    vote on my name list:

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    LN: Bradbury
    DH: Stephen John
    DW: Sarah Rebecca

    DS: Edward Graham (Ned)
    DS: William Xavier (Will)
    DS: Benjamin Tate (Ben)
    DS: Timothy Alexander (Tim)
    DS: Daniel James (Danny)
    DD: Samantha Kate
    DD: Vivianne Claire

    Poodle: Bruiser
    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
    Avery Quinn Delaney Sloane Lennon

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    First, roll the die to see where you live (
    6: Bel Air

    You also own a fluffy but rambunctious pet poodle who is just the right size to fit into your purse. Give it a name that is both unexpected and slightly cringeworthy.

    List your family here:
    DH: Fletcher Michael York (45)
    DW: Maia Elizabeth Tilly-Knott-Levitt-York. "Maia Levitt" (25)
    DD: Elizabeth "Libby" Dominique York (17)
    DS: Adam William York (16)
    DS: Christian Lucas York (15)
    DD: Echo Sarah Knott (9)
    DS: James Aaron Levitt (5)
    DS: Alec Wesley Levitt-York (1)
    DD: Emme Lily Levitt-York (3 mos.)
    Poodle: Hummingbird

    Okay so Maia was a teen mother, getting pregnant with Echo at 16. She married the guy, Olivier Knott. They divorced after a year. She then married Kevin Levitt with whom she had her son James at the age of 20. That didn't work out either. She married Fletcher York, a famous action movie star worth billions, and had Alec and Emme. Fletcher's ex wife, and mother to Libby, Adam, and Christian, ducked out right after Christian was born. Maia made a name for herself by filming mommy yoga videos on YouTube, got a deal with a famous workout company, and made her own millions by coaching woman on how to get their bodies back, post baby! Her in LA, the twenty year age gap between Fletcher and Maia doesn't even make anyone cringe.

    Fletcher, Maia and their blended family!
    Libby, Adam, Christian, Echo, James, Alec, and Emme!
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Far North Queensland
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    Location: Malibu

    DW: Margot Elizabeth York (previous LN Ingleheart, Pell, Snodgrass)
    DH: Avery Jack York

    DS1: Atticus Cole
    DD1: Alix Clementine
    DS2: Conor Judd
    DS3: Jasper Eric
    DD2/DS4: Eloise Juniper / Luca Simon
    DD3: Calla Ivy
    DS5: Theodore Spencer

    Poodle: Barry
    Expecting #1 April 2014!
    Willa Primrose ~ Aria Violet ~ Iris Adeline ~ Celeste Evelyn ~ Juniper Mae
    Parker Henry ~ Linus Jasper ~ August Peter ~ Atticus Felix ~ Frederick Arlo

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