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    Your Naming Style Quiz > Namebanks > CAF

    Answer the question of which type of names you prefer. This will tell you which bank to use and which gender each of your children will be. You will have 10. Use the namebanks to name them. Name your dog, too!

    DH – Proud names or Boy Next Door names?
    Proud men: Anthem/Valor/Noble/Bowen/Blaze/Cannon/Gable/Gallant/Brave/Archer
    Guys next door: Calvin/Finn/Frankie/Danny/Reese/Logan/Cam/Joe/Ricky/Jonah

    DW – Regal names or Virtuous names?
    Regal ladies: Elizabella/Diana/Guinivere/Sapphire/Melania/Marcelline/Aracely/Bellatrix/Andine/Jessamine
    Women of virtue: Mercy/Faith/Hope/Chastity/Glory/Piety/Joy/Grace/Christiana/Love

    DS or DD 1 - Color names or Superhero names?
    Colorful girls: Hazel/Iris/Lilac/Lavender/Ivory/Amber/Rose/Tawny/Clementine/Opal
    Superheroes: Thor/Peter/Parker/Bruce/Wayne/Banner/Clark/Kent/Steven/Roger

    DS or DD 2 - Nature names or Vintage names?
    Natural girls: Wren/Winter/Willow/Ivy/Snow/Olive/Robin/Lark/Lake/Fawn
    Vintage boys: Arthur/George/Silas/Richard/Benjamin/Daniel/Henry/Lowell/Paul/Elijah

    DS or DD 3 - Lit names or Outdoorsy Names?
    Literary girls: Poet/Angelou/Maya/Jane/Austen/Eyre/Juliet/Hermione/Virginia/Emily
    Outdoorsy boys: Hunter/Sky/Hawke/Falcon/Cliff/Canyon/Bowen/Wolfgang/Oakland/Fisher

    DS or DD 4 - Frilly Names or Rebel Names?
    Frilly girls: Priscilla/Simone/Aubrielle/Arabella/Francesca/Antoniette/Nicolette/Rochelle/Anastasia/
    Rebel boys: Jagger/Maxim/Axel/Slater/Dane/Zane/Monroe/Talon/Xander/Bowie

    DS or DD 5 - Common Names or Flouncy Names?
    Common girls: Amelia/Isabelle/Maria/Sophia/Grace/Gabriella/Ella/Emma/Ashlyn/Bailey
    Flouncy boys: Devereaux/Beauregard/Montgomery/Carlton/Frederic/Griffin/Davenport/Sebastian/Clevenger/Hawthorne

    DS or DD 6 - Clunky Names or Short Names?
    Clunky girls: Agnes/Agatha/Edith/Ethel/Sally/Patty/Gayle/Nancy/Harriet/Bonnie
    Short boys: Beau/Asa/Jude/Rowe/Lee/Kai/Penn/Dunn/Tim/Cole

    DS or DD 7 - Sporty Names or Flowery Names?
    Sporty boys: Brady/Beckham/Madden/Derek/Jeter/Jersey/Manning/Jordan/Cassius/Wilson
    Flowery girls: Fleur/Rose/Hyacinth/Lilly/Fern/Ivy/Iris/Primrose/Posey/Flora

    DS or DD 8 - Sciency Names or Place Names?
    Scientific boys: Galileo/Leo/Darwin/Albert/Sheldon/Newton/Isaac/Kelvin/Orion/Nye
    Worldwide girls: Milan/Victoria/Sydney/Florence/Paris/Carolina/Lacey/Georgia/Savannah/Albany

    DS or DD 9 - Surnames or Mythology Names?
    Boys with surnames: McCabe/Harris/Camden/Clay/Sheridan/Moseley/Eisley/Preston/Schroeder/Vaughan
    Mythological girls: Calliope/Cassiopeia/Pandora/Athena/Aphrodite/Hera/Hesta/Artemis/Juno/Ariadne

    DS or DD 10 – Fandom names or Dark names?
    Fandom boys: Potter/Benedict/Holmes/Sherlock/Downey/Weasley/Watson/Draco/Aragorn/Thorin
    Dark girls: Violet/Jade/Luna/Onyx/Zelda/Star/Crimson/Lore/Raven/Lola

    Dog – Soft, cute names or rough, tough names?
    Cute dogs: Cupcake/Puddle/Cocoa/Peach/Cookie/Puff/Bubbles/Baby/Noodle/Sugar
    Tough dogs: Tiger/Bear/Warrior/Snap/Bruiser/Dex/Freedom/Fury/Monster/Snake

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    DH: Gable Anthem Knox
    DW: Elizabella Jessamine Knox (Truehart)
    DD20: Clementine Hazel Knox
    DD17: Ivy Winter Knox
    DD16: Austen Virginia Knox
    DS14: Maxim Slater Knox
    DS12: Sebastian Hawthorne Knox
    DS11: Jude Rowe Knox
    DS9: Beckham Manning Knox
    DS7: Darwin Nye Knox
    DS6: Moseley Camden Knox
    DD3: Raven Lore Knox
    Dog: Noodle Knox

    Gabe & Liza Knox plus Tiny, Ivy, Austen, Max, Thorne, Jude, Beck, Darwin, MC, & Ravie Knox.
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    Ft. Myers
    DH – Logan Finn
    DW – Grace "Gracie" Hope

    DS: Parker Wayne
    DD: Wren Ivy
    DD: Juliet Virginia
    DS: Talon Bowie
    DD: Emma Bailey
    DS: Beau Jude
    DS: Brady Madden
    DS: Leo Isaac
    DD: Juno Athena
    DD: Lola Luna

    Dog: Cookie (female Beagle)

    Logan and Gracie with Parker, Wren, Juliet, Talon, Emma, Beau, Brady, Leo, Juno, Lola and furpuppy Cookie
    Recently added
    Juno & Meredith
    Horatio & Sutton

    Fabulous Firsts

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    Ana Victoria
    brazillian name geek writer

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    DH: Archer Bowen
    DW: Melania Sapphire

    DD1: Hazel Rose
    DD2: Ivy Lark
    DD3: Maya Jane
    DS1: Maxim Dane
    DS2: Sebastian Frederic
    DS3: Jude Rowe
    DD4: Posey Fern
    DD5: Victoria Sydney
    DD6: Athena Calliope
    DD7: Luna Jade

    Dog: Noodle
    Scandinavian berry ◊ twenty-something
    Not expecting, just collecting

    Alice ◊ Cate ◊ Siena ◊ Penny ◊ Sibella ◊ Phoebe ◊ Mattea ◊ Tallulah

    Currently given up on boys names~

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