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    Sep 2013
    From ~ Beverly Hills

    LN ~ Bradbury

    Spouse 1 ~ Carter Llewellyn
    Spouse 2 ~ Madison Elise (nee Knott, previously Stockwell, Flores & Price

    Daughter 1 ~ Phoebe Arielle
    Son 1 ~ Henry Oliver
    Son 2/Son 3 ~ Dashiell Benjamin & Christian Lucas
    Son 4/Daughter 2 ~ Tristan Alexander & Hazel Kai
    Son 5 ~ Elliot Aaron
    Son 6 ~ Stefan Matthew
    Daughter 3/Daughter 4 ~ Ruby Isadora & Beatrice Lily

    You also own a fluffy but rambunctious pet poodle who is just the right size to fit into your purse.
    Poodle ~ Dior

    "Carter, Madison, Phoebe, Henry, Dash, Kit, Tristan, Hazel, Elliot, Stefan, Ruby & Bea"

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    Mar 2014
    The Franta Family from LA

    DH- Connor James Franta
    DW- Elizabeth Dale Franta

    DS1/DS2- Liam Kale Franta/ Kian Grey Franta (17)

    DS3- Justin Cole Franta "Jc" (16)

    DD1- Lia Marie Franta (15)

    DS4- Paxton Elliot Franta (14)

    DD2/DD3- Paisley Grace Franta/ Hadley Paige Franta (12)

    Franta Ladies: Elizabeth(43), Lia(15), Paisley(12), Hadley(12), Franta Men: Connor(49), Liam(17), Kian(17), Jc(16), Paxton(14)

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    Nov 2013
    First, roll the die to see where you live.
    7: Beverly Hills

    LN: Serrano

    One spouse must have been divorced at least three times previously, giving them a large variety of earlier names.

    Spouse 1: Penelope Sutton Knott Pell Lopiccolo Waxman Serrano
    Spouse 2: Xavier Calypso Serrano

    Roll the dice ( to determine the gender of each child. Roll seven times initially. An odd number signifies a boy, and an even number signifies a girl. If you roll an 11 or 12, you have had twins; roll twice more to decide the genders of the twins.

    Namebank for first child:
    Forrest Cole Serrano

    Namebank for second child:
    Dahlia Armelle Serrano

    Namebank for third child:
    Cooper Dashiell Serrano

    Namebank for fourth child:
    Eric Ross Serrano

    Namebank for fifth children:
    Bianca Margeaux Serrano and Sloane Ramona Serrano

    Namebank for sixth child:
    Chanelle Cosima Serrano

    Namebank for seventh child:
    Langston Spencer Serrano

    You also own a fluffy but rambunctious pet poodle who is just the right size to fit into your purse. Give it a name that is both unexpected and slightly cringeworthy.
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    Aug 2013
    Location: Malibu

    LN: Price

    DD: Dominique Miranda
    DD/DD: Siena Rachel & Juliette Helen
    DD: Nicola Justine
    DS: Logan Alexander
    DS/DD: Elliot Daniel & Roxanne Eloise
    DS: Omar Caspian
    DD/DD: Nadia Lily & Mariel Ruby

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    The Dwyre family of Beverly Hills

    DW: Courtnie Elizabeth Dwyre (nee Geffen, Bradbury, Voight, and Carlberg)
    DH: Bradley Loren Dwyre

    DS: Liam Samuel Geffen
    DS: Henry Deacon Geffen
    DD: Justine Halsey Solz-Dwyre
    DS/DD: Annika Colette and Chase Timothy Voight
    DD: Gracen Molly Eloise Bradbury
    DS: Grant Wesley Carlberg
    DD: Keane Desiree Dwyre
    DDog: Abilene

    Courtnie and Allan Geffen with Liam (14) and Henry (12)
    Bradley and Aimee Solz with Justine (13)
    Courtnie and Mitchell Voight with Annika and Chase (8)
    Courtnie and Harris Bradbury with Gracen (5)
    Courtnie and Aaron Carlberg with Grant (3)
    Courtnie and Bradley with Keane (4 months)
    Adira Michelle

    Favorite combos: Connor Levi & Chloe Lisette & Declan Ryder & Teagan Noelle & Summer Adelaide & Ashlyn Isabelle & Brynn Abigail & Aubrey Sienna & Sydney Leann & Warren Leo & Brecken Thomas & Bella Wren & Cayleen Elizabeth & Jessica Ainsley & Cassie Victoria & Callie Veronica & Lincoln Dallas & Beckett Samuel & Reagan Amanda & Riley Charlotte

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