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    The Carlberg Family of Tarzana

    DW: Samantha "Sami" Grace Price (nee Voight, Levitt, and Solz)
    DH: Reuben Jack Carlberg

    Children from Sami's first marriage:
    DD: Taryn Aliyah
    DD: Siena Alix
    DD: Justine Arianna

    Children from Sami's second marriage:
    DD: Kai Annika
    DS: Tucker Aaron

    Children from Sami's third marriage:
    DD/DS: Savannah Alexia and Caspian Arthur

    Sami and Reuben's kids:
    DS: Beckett Anthony
    DDog: Cleopatra

    Sami & Reuben with Taryn Voight (17), Siena Voight (16), Justine Voight (13), Kai Levitt (9), Tucker Levitt (6), Savannah Solz (3), Caspian Solz (3), Beckett Carlberg (6m)

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    Location: Hermosa Beach

    Spouse 1: Vera Charlotte Stockwell Voight York Tilly
    Spouse 2: Carson Alexander Tilly

    DS1: Graham Jensen

    DS2/DD1: Noah Oliver / Fable Parker

    DD2: Talia Blue

    DD3: Echo Colette

    DS3: Tucker Cory-Elliot

    DS4: Stefan Wesley

    DD4: Isadora Remy

    You also own a fluffy but rambunctious pet poodle who is just the right size to fit into your purse. Give it a name that is both unexpected and slightly cringeworthy. Azula Flora Mayweather

    List your family here: Tilly
    Carson and Vera
    w/ Graham, Noah, Fable, Talia, Echo, Tucker, Stefan Isadora
    along with pet poodle Azula

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    Lincolnshire, England
    Venice Beach

    LN: McFerran

    Spouse 1: Poppy Hermione (Bradbury, Levitt, Lightfoot & York)
    Spouse 2: Louis James

    DS1: Atticus Edward
    DD1: Fable Nova
    DS2: Banjo Conor
    DS3: Tristan Curren
    DD2: Roxanne Maeve
    DD3 & DD4: Paisley Savannah & Scarlett Plum
    DD5: Luna Rayne


    Louis, Poppy, and their children: Atticus, Fable, Banjo, Tristan, Roxanne, Paisley, Scarlett & Luna, plus Beethoven the dog.
    A + B
    ♡ Est. 2013 ♡

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    - 10.2016 (40+6) ❤

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